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Diving Club team of scuba diving professionals will be delighted to take you on a scuba diving adventure in Vietnam with Diving Club whatever your scuba diving experience or level. We will cater for your scuba diving needs and desires, whether you are interested in a “Discovery scuba diving” or a scuba diving course. We are a PADI licensed Five Star Instructor Development Centre for scuba diving with fully experienced and certified scuba diving staff. Our scuba diving team speaks fluently English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese of course. Our scuba diving club has international scuba diving insurance for all our customers and each instructor carries additional scuba diving insurance. Contact us now to learn more about scuba diving in Nha Trang, Vietnam best scuba diving spot.

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Divers Alert Network Asia - Pacific

You may have noticed that we have very recently implemented a name change here at DAN from South East Asia-Pacific to Asia-Pacific. This change has been applied to better reflect our region of responsibility, including countries such as Korea, China and India that lie beyond the classification of S. E. Asia.

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Project Aware

Conserving underwater environments through education, advocacy and action.


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Scuba diving photo and video

During your diving and training, we offer a photos & videos option. Please ask Diving Club ( professional photographer & videographer ), our photography co-ordinator for your personalised memory of diving with Diving Club.

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For more services : photos, vidéos, speed boat, private boat, rent equipment ( camera digital, camera vidéos, etc ... ) : Contact us

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All Diving & Course prices are quoted in US$ and we accept payment in US $, £, Euros, Vietnam Dong or you can use Visa/MasterCard (which attracts a local 3% fee).


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