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If you are not already taking underwater photos digitally, this course will give you all the elements necessary to quickly take beautiful, clear photographs, correctly exposed, and well composed.

If you are already taking underwater digital photographs, you will find during this course all the essential components to improve your technique, your line of sight and composition thereby improving your final product…a great photograph!

The Necessary Material

PADI - camera, video, photo

Ideally each pupil will have their own camera and box. Apparatuses are available on loan but only in a limited number. Loaned cameras and boxes will not be allotted to a particular pupil, they will be in free access for all who need them to carry out practical sessions.

Students will put into use the advice provided by the Instructor regarding final improvements of the photo or the creation of films. Ideally the pupils will have their own lap-top computer. For the safeguard of the photographs, the pupils are expected to bring all the necessary material such as memory cards, cds, temporary apparatuses of safeguards as of P2000, of the wolverines or of the flashes trax

All the operations of saving and maintenance of the computers is the responsibility of the pupils; the Instructor is their to make suggestions and will not intervene in data-processing and handling.


Diving Club will take you through the knowledge development of the photograph training course. They are the first to have specialized in underwater digital photography in Viétnam. The dives take place at protected sites so divers can take safely take photographs with no worries of boat traffic....and during the practical sessions you will have two or three certified assistants (according to the number of pupils) at your disposal.

The training course

During this training course, we will approach digital technology subjects such as the resolution of the apparatuse, the various types of sensors and their impact on the line of sight, the various modes of exposure, and JPEG mode for computer downloading. We will discuss also the choices related to the various objectives which you have in a compact or a reflex camera.

You will have the opportunity to practise using the wide angle and telephoto zoom lenses. A large part of the training course will focus on the various types of lighting (flash, headlight HID or halogen, natural light) and the placement under water. As well time will be spent on line of sight underwater and composition of photographs according to the subjects and the conditions: macro, telephoto,wide angle, fish eye.

With the end of this training course, all the pupils will be able to easily carry out photography of the flora, fauna, and other divers in the underwater environment. Throughout this training course, we will tackle the problems associated with the development of the photographs on computer and the creation of diaporamas or video films. Each subject will be tackled in a theoretical way in the form of classroom tuition followed by practical application while diving.

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During your diving and training, we offer a photos & videos option. Please ask Diving Club ( professional photographer & videographer ), our photography co-ordinator for your personalised memory of diving with Diving Club.

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