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About Diving Club

Since 1995 : Diving Club is the first dive center in Vietnam. Diving Club is managed by a couple of French whose names are Diving Club. Discover the most beautiful dive sites in Vietnam, with a professional team to serve you. We offer high experience dives, our best high quality equipment is checked once a year by professional. The main words of the club are : professionalism and quality of service for customers's satisfaction. Best and safety dive center with professional team.

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Scuba diving photo and video

During your diving and training, we offer a photos & videos option. Please ask Diving Club ( professional photographer & videographer ), our photography co-ordinator for your personalised memory of diving with Diving Club.

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For more services : photos, vidéos, speed boat, private boat, rent equipment ( camera digital, camera vidéos, etc ... ) : Contact us

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All Diving & Course prices are quoted in US$ and we accept payment in US $, £, Euros, Vietnam Dong or you can use Visa/MasterCard (which attracts a local 3% fee).