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Nha Trang diver jobA French owned, family run scuba diving club, based in Nha Trang, Vietnam scuba diving paradise along the China Sea. Less touristy than Thailand, this beautiful preserved marine park is protected at national level and a Unesco recognized World Heritage site. Get your training with Diving Club, a Five star Centre and the experienced staff and Chrystel will help you become a recognized scuba diving professional according to the PADI and SSI standards. You will also become familiar with a variety of seascapes and the very rich Asia Pacific marine life. Within a friendly atmosphere, our working philosophy is mutual respect and our prior concerns are safety, expertise and enjoyment of course. We offer you the opportunity to learn from the inside and get a variety of specialties courses and levels of certification according to PADI and SSI standards.


Your education

PADI diver, PADI IDC, PADI coursesAs a member of our crew, having a first class opportunity to learn you will see your skills constantly improve. Your instructor and all other members of staff will devote themselves to helping you obtain the certification you want and reach the scuba diving level you are aiming at. We will assist you in your training, sharing our own knowledge and experience to expand yours. We will not only pay attention to your education and its quality, but also by devoting time to understand your needs and cater for them. This professional dive education training provides ideal working conditions for any motivated candidate and will lead to permanent scuba diving employment opportunities.

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