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Hon Mun Island

Hon Mun is the island where all dive sites already mentioned in the Nha Trang section are located. The majority of the dive sites are within a 45 minutes boat ride (or 15 minutes by our speedboats) from Nha Trang to the stunning nearby Islands of the Hon Mun Marine Park.This represents the BEST diving in The South China Sea.

Hon Mun Map - Scuba Diving sites

  1. Madonna Rock : 5-35 metres. Hard Corals. Swim Thru's.
  2. Blue Wall : Dive to 15 metres. Hard corals.
  3. Hard Rock 2 : Wall dive to 20 metres. Hard corals.
  4. Hard Rock 1 : Wall & Cavern dive to 25 metres.
  5. Goat Rock : Wall dive to 40 metres.
  6. The Range : Wall dive to 25 metres with caverns.
  7. Tiger Wall : Wall dive to 25 metres.
  8. Debbie's Beach : 15 metres. Outstanding hard & soft corals.
  9. Dopey's Ear : 18 metres. Wall & Pinnacles.
  10. Coral garden : 28 metres. Outstanding hard & soft corals.
  11. Moray beach : 20 metres. Hard & Soft corals. Giant Morays.
  12. Seahourse Bay 1 : 15 metres. 'Muck diving'.
  13. Blue beach : 18 metres. hard corals.
  14. Electric Nose : 60 metre wall dive. Currents. Advanced only.
  15. Bob's House : 25 metres. Hard & Soft corals.
  16. Fire coral : 15 metres. Sandy & rocky.
  17. Hon Mot East : 20 metres. Outstanding coral garden.
  18. Seahorse Bay 2 : 18 metres of 'muck diving'.
  19. Hamburger Hill : 20 metres. Rocky pinnacle with soft corals


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Madonna Rock

There are a couple of good swimthroughs at this dive site. It is a small rocky outcrop off Mun Island, marine life includes giant morays, lionfish, scoprion fish and a wide array of breath taking coral.

Depth: 5 - 35m - Viz: 5 - 35m - Getting there: Boat 1 hour

Best months: Jan / SepAll

Nha Trang - Madonna Rock Diving spot - Madonna Rock

Moray Beach

A shallow dive with a sandy bottom, also some bizarre rock formations here. The site gets its name from the resident giant moray eels that are upto two and a half meters long. You may find the rare black spotted moray (Gymnothorax-favagineus) here too.

This site is also good for spotting pipefish, razorfish and trumpetfish with a couple of leaf fish hiding in a small cave at 3 meters.

Depth: 3 - 25m - Viz: 5 - 30m - Getting there: Boat 1 hour

Best months: Jan / Sep

Goat Rock

A spectacular vertical wall dive down to 40 meters can be done here. The wall is covered with hard and soft coral and provides home to all manner of marine critters.

Depth : 5-40m – Viz : 5-30m – Getting there : Boat 1 hour

Best months : Jan / Sep

Scuba diving in electric noise spot

Blue beach

This is another good dive site. The site is good for spotting lionfish, scorpion fish, sea-horse, frog fish, stone fish ... with hard and soft coral.

Depth: 5 - 40m - Viz: 5 - 20m - Getting there : Boat 1 hour

Best months: Jan / Sep

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Coral Garden

Fire Coral

Nha Thrang, Coral Garden Nha Thrang, Fire Coral

Padi Beach

Tiger Wall

Nha Thrang, Padi Beach Nha Thrang, Tiger Wall

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